Our Story

India’s First and Finest Premium Luxury Cafe with co-working facilities and amenities serving world-class brew and delectable Classic Indian dishes with a modern flair along with favourites from around the world. 

A truly Global Cafe, Zorambo is Born In India.

Coffee Beans

The forbidden beans..

The God of Bias created a Garden of Boredom. At the edge of this, over the horizon, was the forbidden beans of excitement. Zo and Rambo, created in the image of Bias, soon wanted more and stole away form the Garden of Boredom and checked into the Cafe and sipped the excitement, brewed strong. Epiphany!

They would never be the same again and banished themselves from the Garden of Boredom. This is the story of Zo and Rambo and their adventures together through time.

Zo, an innately empathetic soul, caught up in the vicious circle of empathizing with the very bias that held her down, call it Stockholm Syndrome, broke the chain with the first sip of freedom and moved to the ‘Dark Coffee’ side.

Owing to her accommodating nature, she was always treated inequitably until the Day of Epiphany when at the cafe where she realized that as a bit of fresh cream moderates the richness of silky dark coffee, so too does a tinge of selfishness and self-identity temper the empathy making it a more constructive tool. So all the Zo s out there, it’s time to speak up and be heard, over a cup of exhilarating coffee.

Rambo, born with a silver spoon, has the world at his feet, the God of Bias being in his favour. But deep within he knew there was more, what he was bequeathed was a sham. But it is hard to walk away from a winning game. Enter enticer ‘espresso‘.

With a sip of realization, brewed right, Rambo was no more blind to Bias and saw Zo morph into more than she ever was. Garden of Boredom lost its charm and he never returned there.

So all you Rambo s out there, whisk your silver spoon in a mug of strong Coffee and buckle down for the ride ahead.